Our Team

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Home Office/ Administrative Team__________

Jo Brownson

Operations Manager

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Riley Collins
Information & Communications Manager

Raquel Joya Garcia
Office Assistant

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Gregory Peters Ed.D.
Executive Director

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SF-CESS Equity Facilitator and Coach Team________

Joanna Brownson

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Jo Brownson has a long track record pushing herself and others to address inequities through courageous conversation, modeling personal reflection and taking actions. She joined SF-CESS in 2013 from the public high school math classrooms of Philadelphia and Oakland. She believes education should equip young people with the knowledge and skills to radically believe in their own brilliance and to bring about a society that has yet to exist.

Jo was instrumental in founding SF-CESS’ after school (Extended Day) programs (EDPs) at three SF high schools.  In this role, she ensured the same equity-focused leadership SF-CESS brings to all its school and district partnerships. As part of this work, Jo lead SF-CESS’ What Works Club – training students to conduct formal observations and provide feedback to teachers about culturally proficient teaching practices and served as liaison between SFUSD, school sites and SF-CESS.  As an SF-CESS Equity Facilitator, Jo leads Equity-Based iGroups and supports peer facilitators to do the same within their communities.  Jo is committed to develop trusting relationships with multiple stakeholders, keeping our least reached students central.  Jo earned her BA in African American Studies at Wesleyan University and her teaching credential at the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education. 

Camilla Greene

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For over 25 years Camilla was a teacher of English in urban and suburban high schools in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.  As Senior Associate with the Annenberg Institute for School Reform at Brown University, she co-founded the Center for Urban Excellence.  Currently Camilla serves as a consultant with the San Francisco Coalition of Essential Small Schools; Senior Associate with the Oregon Equity Center and other non-profit organizations. She also serves on the advisory boards of The Black Teacher Collaborative and The Black Teacher Project.

Camilla serves on the Resurrected Community Development Board and is an active member of POWER (Pennsylvanians Organized to Witness, Empower, and Rebuild) Northeast.  A proud, native New Yorker, Camilla was born and raised in Brooklyn’s Bedford-Stuyvesant community.  She is a wife, mother, grandmother, and friend. Camilla’s Awards include the Black Alliance for Educational Options’ (BAEO) Most Valuable Person Award and The Coalition of Essential Schools Transformational Leadership Award.

Leticia Hernandez

Leticia Hernández has worked in education, the arts, and nonprofit organizations, nationwide, for over twenty-five years. She began her career in out-of-school time programming, direct service, and college instruction in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and Philadelphia. She has since worked to connect youth, families, and communities with meaningful educational, artistic, and leadership experiences in the Bay Area.  With a recent focus on school reform, she provided leadership for the SFSUD School Improvement Grant, the Mission Promise Neighborhood Grant, and helped implement SFUSD’s Pathway to Teaching program. She joined SF-CESS in 2013 and is honored to work with educators, parents, and youth to transform schools into places that value all voices and set up all students and families for success.  A published, award winning, bilingual writer and artist, she is the author of Mucha Muchacha, Too Much Girl and currently teaches in Latinx Studies at San Francisco State University.  

Micia Mosely, Ph.D.


Micia Mosely, Ph.D. has dedicated her career to helping students reach their full creative and academic potential.  A teacher, analyst and product of public education, she helps educators and administrators increase equity while maximizing school performance. Mosely brings a wealth of classroom experience to her work, infusing bold strategies with real-world approaches that understand the burdens faced by educators and administrators.  She is an expert on leadership, cultural competence, data-based inquiry and school design.

A published writer and analyst, Mosely’s research focuses on pedagogy, race, and urban education.  Currently Mosely is the Executive Director of The Black Teacher Project and supports SF-CESS as an equity facilitator and coach. She also tours the nation with her socio-political stand-up comedy. Mosely lives in New York, NY and Oakland, CA.  Mosely began her career as the Social Studies department head at SFUSD’s Thurgood Marshall Academic High School. She received her Ph.D. in Education, with an emphasis on Social and Cultural Studies from the University of California at Berkeley.

Gregory Peters, Ed.D.

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Dr. Gregory Peters is a school reform leader with a longstanding history working within both local and national efforts. Peters served as Principal of San Francisco’s Leadership High School – a National Demonstration and Mentor School.  At LHS, Peters and his teachers were highly commended for making progress in closing the racial achievement gap by graduating all their students – of every race/ ethnicity – UC/CSU eligible”.  In 2005, Gregory established The San Francisco Coalition of Essential Small Schools (SF-CESS), which is committed “to interrupt and transform current and systemic educational inequities to ensure all students have access to personalized, equitable and high performing schools that believe and demonstrate each student can, should and will succeed.”

Gregory’s instructional expertise and leadership in curriculum and school design, data based inquiry, and equity-centered professional development have resulted in a number recognition’s including CES’ “Commitment to Equity Award” and CANEC’s “Innovations in Excellence Award”. Gregory earned his doctorate in Educational Leadership & Social Justice from California State University East Bay in 2012; his dissertation focused on Teacher Transformation.

Beth Silbergeld

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Beth Silbergeld has been part of the SFCESS community since its inception. She is a coach consultant, leading iGroups, doing 1:1 coaching and leading summer professional development, while she serves as Leadership’s Principal. A graduate of the University of Michigan, she received her teaching certification and M.A. in secondary science education from the University of Colorado and her Administrative Service Credential at San Francisco State.  She was awarded a Radio Shack teaching award for Science educators as a result of her engaging, rigorous lessons and received a Commitment to Equity award from the Coalition of Essential Schools, in recognition of the work she does to push educators to confront issues of race in order to close the achievement gap. Working at SFCESS for over a decade, Silb has connected with educators locally and nationally to push for better results for youth through reflective practice. 

SF-CESS Extended Day Program__________________

Antony “TJ” Estandian
Thurgood Marshall High School


Antony “T.J.” Estandian was born and raised in San Francisco by single mother, the Mission Dolores School/ Leadership High School communities, and the streets of San Francisco. The combination of the Catholic school upbringing, and socialization via J-Church, 43 Masonic & 14 Mission created a street savvy, city kid who values community service above most. Since 2005, Estandian has gained experience working with extended day programs at the following Bay Area institutions: Mission Dolores School, Good Shepherd School, Balboa High School, Paul Revere School & most recently as an SF-CESS employee as the Site Leader at Thurgood Marshall Academic High School.

Erin Ho
June Jordan School for Equity


 erin today 

Erin is a San Francisco native who has worked with SFUSD students since 2013. She loves rock climbing, kayaking and most things in the outdoors.

Jay Jasper Pugao
Mission High School



Jay has been involved and directly working with youth empowerment/ development since 1997.  As such, he is humbled to have worked with community organizations and charter, small and mainstream schools of all grade levels in Oakland, Berkeley and San Francisco. These partnerships have provided him opportunities to support the arts, academics, health, community organizing and policy work, social, food and environmental justice, mentorships and youth leadership. Ultimately, Jay is thankful for the opportunities to assist, grow and guide families, organizations and young people to reach their goals.

SF-CESS Faculty and Interns_____________________

Harini Aravamudhan
Everett Middle School

Wesley Tang
Jean Parker Elementary School

Chris Taylor
Garfield Community School

Jonathan Dearman

Fanny Gonzales Sprouse
Garfield Community School

Gilberto Guzman
Garfield Community School

Nobie Camerena

Grace Cheng

Nora Houseman

Lauren Johansen
Garfield Community School

Ko Kim
Garfield Community School

Morenike O’Neal

Matthew Reedy
Sherman Elementary School

Jennifer Steiner