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Governing Board

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    Greg Child 


Eliza Alexander

Eliza is the Managing Director of AISNE Northern New England and recently led a successful merger between her previous association, ISANNE, with AISNE. Eliza has worked in the independent school community for over twenty years leading a wide array of educational initiatives. Raised in mid-coast Maine, Eliza began her career as a Spanish teacher specializing in Central America and Mexico. She has facilitated race and equity seminars across a number of sectors working with leaders in higher education, government, and non-profit organizations. 

1) how does your identity influence your work? 

I am a white cisgender woman, the eldest daughter of three children born to college-educated parents. I was raised in a family that elected to live in poverty in Maine in a white, rural, working-class community. I am passionate about racial justice, and I have spent much of my adult life unpacking and trying to better understand how being white has shaped me and my life. Helping to build compassionate, resilient and justice-centered communities is life-long work, and remembering myself as a young girl playing in Maine’s woods helps me center and value children in my approach.

2) what brought you to SF-CESS?

I officially joined SF-CESS last fall, but first met Greg Peters about a decade ago through Camilla Greene, and was introduced to SF-CESS’s model for equity and coaching at Maret School.  Since then our paths have crossed many times, and I have loved getting to know and collaborate with other members of the organization as well.  It has been an exciting and joyful experience for me to join such a  talented and passionate group of racial justice leaders this past year.

Riley Collins
Doctoral Student



Jonathan DearmanSecretary
Broker Associate
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Michele Godwin
Youth Developer, Friend and Fund Raiser 
San Francisco


Fannie Gonzales-Sprouse

Garfield Community School, RCESS

Michelle Griffith  

Redwood City Elementary School District  

Holly Hinderlie

Nicole Magtoto, President  
Education Policy Analyst 
SFUSD Human Resources  

Nicole has served as an Educational Policy Analyst in SFUSD and was the architect behind the rollout of  SFUSD’s Board of Education Resolutions supporting students dealing with parental incarceration and homelessness. Nicole served as a member of the design and facilitation team of a division wide Equity Audit for the Student Family Community Support Division. As a product of SFUSD, and a former SF-CESS student she is dedicated to building new realities for our young people based on her own experiences as a 3rd generation San Franciscan of Filipina, Mexican and Cape Verdean ancestry. 

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Gregory Peters
Executive Director

Dr. Gregory Peters is school reform leader with a longstanding history working within both local and national efforts.  As Principal of San Francisco’s Leadership High School, Gregory and his teachers effectively created a National Demonstration and Mentor School that made progress in closing the racial achievement gap and was “highly commended for… graduating all their students – of every race/ ethnicity – University of California eligible.”

Building from his successful experiences and results, Gregory now leads The San Francisco Coalition of Essential Small Schools, which, established in 2005, is committed “to interrupt and transform current and systemic educational inequities to ensure all students have access to personalized, equitable and high performing schools that believe and demonstrate each student can, should and will succeed.”  Towards this mission, Gregory facilitates equity-focused, educational transformation throughout the nation. 

Gregory’s instructional expertise and leadership in curriculum and school design; data based inquiry; and equity-centered professional development have resulted in a number recognitions including CESN’s “Commitment to Equity Award” and CANEC’s “Innovations in Excellence Award”.

Gregory earned his doctorate in Educational Leadership & Social Justice from California State University East Bay in 2012; his dissertation focused on Teacher Transformation. 

Maurice Seaty

Lupe Torres-Khalil
Garfield Community School, RCESS


Alexis Wright


Advisory Board

Kathleen Cushman
What Kids Can Do
Dave Eggers
American Writer, Editor, & Publisher

Seewan Eng
New Teachers Center
Deborah Meier
NYU, CES Board Member

Beth Silbergeld
Leadership HS, CES Mentor School
Christine Young