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SF-CESS supports schools, districts and communities to create the conditions and engage in the work required to identify, interrupt and transform inequities facing our youth and their families based on demographic indicators such as race, class, language, power, etc. – focusing on our least reached students.  We bring technical assistance and professional development to design and implement equity-centered programs while also providing coaching to develop the courageous leadership (as seen in their discourse, decisions, actions and reactions) necessary for such programs to exist, sustain and thrive.

Each partnership is individually designed after an initial, exploration meeting in which a school and SF-CESS identify a school’s needs and assets and the potential benefit of partnership.  Once a partnership is secured, we – with our partners, set concrete SMART-E goals and backwards map to identify how success will be measured and reached through high priority actions.  As a member of our larger network, our partners have the added benefit to connect with other schools doing similar work through our networking meetings and professional development opportunities.

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Given SF-CESS’ core belief that truly transformed results for our students cannot occur without constant and continuous work to transform our practices, beliefs and values (individuals and communities as well as organizations and systems), our work is guided by a Framework for Transformation which is supported by a vast pool of curricula and programs from we provide a personalized scope and sequence for each of our partners.   Below is a simplified visual that maps out SF-CESS’ transformation cycle.

SF-CESS’ Theory of Transformation and Related Services


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