SF-CESS Programs

Examples of programs SF-CESS has led to support schools to meet their equity goals:


Anti-Racist Schooling

  • Affinity Groups
  • Cultural Proficiency Self-Assessments/ Equity Audits
  • Interrupting Bias and MicroAggressions

Culturally Responsive Teaching & Learning

  • Advisory as an Equity Pedagogy
  • Authentic Assessments: Portfolio & Exhibition Development
  • Project Based Learning (math focus)

Data Based Inquiry

  • Equity Walks
  • Inquiry for Equity
  • Small Change Cycles

Leadership Development & Coaching

  • Individual & Leadership Team Coaching
  • Leadership for Family Engagement
  • Student Ambassador Programs

Professional Development

  • Equity-Based iGroups
  • Peer Coaching/ Peer Observation
  • Personalized Retreat Planning & Facilitation

Student Leadership

  • BEST Program
  • Equity-Focused Student Government/ Student Activities
  • What Works Club (students conducting classroom observations focused on cultural proficiency)