Developing Networks

Developing a Network

We cannot do this work alone. We must find ways to share our work and ways for our community to participate, particularly when community leadership is deeply informed by and connected to public needs and concerns.

For Collaborative Relationships between Network Schools: SF-CESS will provide opportunities for schools to come together to make connections and publicly share their best practices by…


  • Arranging and facilitating cross-school visits to authentically showcase work (exhibitions, shadow days, etc.).

  • Facilitating Principal and other job-alike collaborations to make connections and share best practices.

  • Organizing network dinners and other events to build community and make connections across schools.

  • Developing an interactive website for our network community to communicate current events, seek support and share best practices.


For Strategic and Essential Partnerships: SF-CESS will strategize with our schools to empower and engage their communities (Family, District and Strategic Partners) to improve alliances, participation and support by…


  • Supporting school leaders to reach out to families and community members for increased involvement and for their schools to view families as allies in this work.

  • Assisting schools to organize events for families and other community members to learn of and participate more in small school reform efforts including school accountability nights centered around student portfolios and exhibitions.

  • Developing a successful model and track record so that SF-CESS may establish an early district partnership as an integral advisor to design, support and sustain small schools.

  • Collaborating with SFUSD to be more broadly and deeply engaged in small school reform efforts and understand the conditions and support necessary for this work to be successful.

  • Maintaining relationships with SFUSD staff, board of education members and other key community members.

  • Establishing and fostering strategic partnerships with community organizations in order to facilitate support to our schools (SFOP, Peer Resources, teacher prep programs, TFI, etc.).

  • Establishing SF-CESS as an integral partner with the greater local and national small school reform effort (i.e. Bay CES, CES, PSI, NSRF).

  • Establishing relationships with key media sources and maintaining regular contact in order to communicate school successes and related current event topics.