Probing Questions to Transform Your Practice Card Decks

Originally conceived as a tool to support teachers within equity-focused consultancy protocols, these cards can serve as a resource for reflection or strategic prompts during professional development.        Or just use them to play any regular card game… and see where the cards may fall.


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Probing Questions Card Topics

AceOn Probing QuestionsAPT DilemmasOn DiscourseA Stance for Equity
2AlliancesAccess and OpportunityAcademicsAccountability
3Capacity and WillAssessmentAngstAssumptions
4Culturally Responsive PedagogyColleaguesClassroomComfort
7Leadership for EquityHopeGender and SexualityInterruption
8Parents and FamiliesMediocrityLearning DifferencesObstacles
10ResilienceRelationships and PersonalizationRaceRelevance
JackSkill and KnowledgeRisk and SafetyResistanceSignificance
QueenTransformationSuppositionSocial JusticeTaking a Stance
KingWorking from the Inside-OutTruthTrustUrgency