Advisory 101 Cards – Ideas to Design and Improve Advisory Programs

Developed around SF-CESS’ core components of an effective Advisory program (Academic Advocacy & Post Graduation Success, Family & Community Building, Essential Class & Design, and Leading for Equity), these cards are not lesson plans, but rather a starting points to help you collaborate, plan and teach for personalization and excellence.

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Advisory 101 Card Topics

AceAcademic Advocacy and Post Graduation SuccessEssential Class and DesignLeading for EquityFamily and Community Building
2What is SMART?Student as ResearcherCultureCultural Artifact
3PLP: Personal Learning PlansBad Idea Exhibitions 100Dear...R-E-S-P-E-C-T
4Transparent TranscriptsExhibitions 101AHow do we work?Block Party
5“When will I need this math?”Authentic Assessment 1021,000 WordsSing a Song
6AttendanceOn QuestionsWhat Is Your Purpose?Social Responsibility
7Study SkillsAdvisory WallAgents of ChangeI Am...
8Who Am I?Authentic Assessment 101Pearls of WisdomRetreat!
9Recommend EveryoneHow Do We Know What We Know?What Is Your Brand? Paying It Forward
10Field Trip!RitualsAdvocacyGiving Back
JackWhy teach to the test?What is Essential?In AffinityWhat’s Cookin?
QueenPerfect Study SpaceWorkshop ModelIn AlliancePersonal Appreciation Bags
KingAcademic RoadmapsIn the CloudsLeadership is...Community Assessment
Joker/BlanksUsing “Advisory as an Equity Pedagogy” CardsAdditional SupportSF-CESS’ Working Definition of Educational EquityKey Strategy: The Debrief