SF-CESS Extended Day Programs

Supporting Students Beyond The School Day

In 2012, one of our schools requested that SF-CESS consider providing the same equity focused leadership and program development provided to day staff to its after school – or Extended Day Program (EDP).  After engaging in the rigorous application process, SF-CESS was excited that ExCEL approved us to be an EDP Lead Agency.

SF-CESS intends to create EDPs that not only are seamlessly connected to their respective day programs, but also serve as equity-centered learning communities that are academically enriching, joyful, creative and healthy spaces.

In line with our larger mission, SF-CESS will prioritize serving low-income students and students with demonstrated need for academic support.

We are excited to have begun this new endeavor in 2013-2014 with our fist cohort of schools.  During this “beta-year”, these schools were identified to help formulate the core components of an SF-CESS Extended Day Program:

  • June Jordan School for Equity
  • Mission High School
  • Thurgood Marshall High School