Monthly Musings

Awareness (March 2014)
In what ways does your community deepen its collective and individual awareness? 

How do you intentional build community and trust in your school? How do you intentional build community and trust in your classroom?  What is common or different?  
To what extent and purpose is your adult community committed to adult instruction and reflection?  What does that look like? 

Leadership (February 2014 #3)
In a society that values leadership, how much humility do you need to be a follower?
Who are you willing (or not) to follow?  When do our least-reached students need you to lead vs. follow?
Who do our least-reached students need you to follow? 

Doing Our Own Work (February 2014 #2)
What work do we need to do by ourselves and with our own people in the name of racial justice?

Norms (February 2014 #1)
Who are we protecting – and silencing – when we suggest that a community can thrive without judgment?

Google Child (January 2014 #4)
What does it take to educate equitably, as Lisa Delpit puts it, “other people’s children” when it means making visible and diminishing the privilege (and edge) of our own children?

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (January 2014 #3)
Do we even know what Dr. King Accomplished?  …And how do we teach that?

Personalization (January 2014 #2)
My goal is to have never met my principal by the time I graduate/”

Restorative Justice (January 2014 #1)
If we were consistently guided by the goals of restorative justice, how different would our results, our graduates, and our society look?

Love (December 2013 #4)
“Love is as love does. Love is an act of will – namely, both an intention and an action. Will also implies choice. We do not have to love. We choose to love.” – M. Scott Peck

Take The Time (December 2013 #3)
As educators, one of our most valuable resources is time. What can we do with the time we have during extended breaks to respect and honor ourselves

Healing Harm (December 2013 #2)
“The time for the healing of the wounds has come.” – Nelson Mandela

Tis The Season To Be Inclusive (December 2013 #1)
How should we celebrate a season as inclusive when capitalism and dominance promote exclhat can our schools learn from the legacy of Nelson Mandela?

Thanksgiving (November, 2013)
When considering our successes as educators, to whom should we be thankful?

Doing Good (November 2013 #3)
When is doing something good, good enough?
A question of the big picture, individual example and equity. 

Fall Forum (November 2013 #2)
Fall Forum 2013 Continues to Develop Community and Reenergize Educators

Dear School System (November 2013)
What do we hear differently when students tell us what we already know from our own data?

In-Appropriation (October 2013)
In a time of greater cultural consciousness, what is our responsibility to model critical awareness – even at Halloween?

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